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Media Training

Learn how to talk to the media in a way that makes natural connections establishes you as a household name.
This is for you if you’re just starting out with the media. You want to learn how to put together a media kit, pitch yourself to podcasts, YouTube channels, media and more.
Get the training you need to grow your authority as you grow your business.

Grow Your Authority

Get media appearances on TV, Radio and Magazines. Get directly in front of your ideal clients as an already established authority in your industry.
This is for you if you want someone to pitch you to podcasts, YouTube channels, media and more. Take some of the heavy lifting off your plate to spread the word about you.

Expand Your Connections

Grow your business through referral partnerships, and sales training by using the right PR appearances to expand your authority.
This is for you if you already have a marketing team in place and you've done some PR in the past. You might even have some markers on your website, but now what?
You want to uplevel and charge higher prices, but you know that the next level of media can put you in front of the people who can afford it. Get the connections, the media and the sales training to become that household name.

"I wanted to get as much exposure as possible"

"That’s why I hired Sarah. She’s not just good at what she does, but she's really thoughtful and encouraging through the whole process. She’s gotten me a ton of pick up on news releases, articles published and ultimately grown my business in big ways."

Robbin M, Certified Parenting Coach

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