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Sarah Snyder is the CEO of Connection Enthusiast, a strategic public relations firm. Snyder has a vast array of experience representing both high net-worth individuals, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs. Her expertise and talent have been the catalyst for clients securing deals in excess of 100K per client acquisition. Media placements for her clients have included numerous local and national media outlets, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Cheddar TV, Dr. Oz, and so on. In addition to being a self-earned business maverick, Snyder’s drive, interpersonal skills, and compassion in times of pressure while working with the media come from her previous background and experiences. Snyder is a licensed professional counselor and has helped develop a nationally recognized $25+ million dollar pilot program involving emergency crisis response teams and managed residential treatment programs for trauma survivors. These traits help drive her creativity and unique style, as does her sense of humor under pressure. Snyder’s goal-oriented focus and strength-driven approach are also evident in her personal life. Snyder has played women’s professional football and been ranked as one of the strongest women in the US. She believes connections are the key to a thriving business and has built her business off this belief. She is ready to help you use your inner strengths to help make impactful connections.