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With millions of downloads, Joseph Robert K’amo is transforming the way fans make educated decisions about drafting and managing their fantasy football teams through his podcast, The Fantasy Football Counselor. Joseph brings the truth to sports. On his show and via his popular social media channels, he pulls no punches. He is direct about NFL players and their wins, losses, and off-field behaviors. Joseph does the research and takes into account issues other fantasy football advisors don’t. Refusing to sugarcoat things, Joseph takes the legwork out for fantasy football fans, giving them the research they need to feel like they have their right-hand man sitting with them on draft day. Joseph is also a former MMA fighter and can speak to a variety of sports, including tennis, basketball, and wrestling. Just like sports fans pay the price to see their favorite players perform at stadiums on Sundays, Joseph has paid the price through hard work and perseverance to see the success in business he has earned today. Joseph is a former industrial products salesperson. Unfulfilled in that line of work, he had a life-changing epiphany when he saw his beloved father suddenly pass away five years ago. This experience led him to re-evaluate his life, his passions, and since that day, he has devoted himself to being the authentic voice of sports. Joseph is a competitive businessman from humble beginnings. He doesn't believe in settling for less than being the most knowledgeable and hardworking person in his chosen field of expertise.