Autism Resource Project

Full Media Bio

Gilda Evans is the founder of the Autism Resource Project (ARP) and host of the Autism Resource Podcast. With decades of experience advocating for neurodivergent and disabled individuals, and as a single mother to three children, the youngest son being autistic, she is passionate about helping others facing similar challenges. After navigating through schools, regional centers, and government offices to support her youngest son's educational and life needs, Gilda recognized the necessity for a central knowledge hub. ARP was established to bring together the scattered supports and services and provide a reliable, 24/7 global community resource where people, whether neurodivergent/disabled or supporting someone who is, can find answers from trusted professionals and sources. ARP includes episodes of the Autism Resource Podcast, tools for neurodivergent and disabled individuals, a community network, shopping resources, a library filled with educational and informative materials, and more. Building a supportive community is central to the ARP's mission. When someone is seeking information on neurodivergence or disabilities, the ARP team aims to make it easy for individuals to find at least one relevant podcast episode on the topic they are searching for and numerous vetted resources. ARP is backed by a professional and dedicated board of diverse individuals. In addition to founding ARP, Gilda is also an award-nominated producer, a devoted mother to her amazing children, and a passionate sushi lover. Learn more at: